Who We Are?


ESPRO is the Junior Enterprise of the Private Higher School of Technology and Engineering (ESPRIT GCEM), whose main goal is the realization of projects in the fields of electromechanical engineering, project management, and civil engineering. Founded in November 2015, ESPRO operates as an engineering consulting firm. We have earned 3 labels in 3 years, including being named the best Junior Enterprise in Tunisia in 2018! We offer the best opportunities, providing you with a wide range of services by leveraging our expertise and knowledge. Our teams, mainly composed of final year students, are carefully selected to offer clients quality services, while following a vision focused on sustainability, innovation, and efficiency


The Junior Enterprise Movement has been present in Tunisia since the early 2000s, but it was only in 2012 that the Tunisian confederation of Junior Enterprises, known as J.E.T, was established. JET plays a supervisory role and is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the various JEs throughout Tunisia. Currently, there are 37 Junior Enterprises operating in both private and state faculties in the country, with over 1700 active members. With 18 confederations of Junior Enterprises worldwide, JET is the third-largest in the world, highlighting the popularity and success of the movement among young students.


Discover the concept of Junior Enterprise, a non-profit organization run entirely by university students, providing services to businesses, institutions, and individuals. First founded in France in 1967, the Junior Enterprise movement has now spread to 44 countries worldwide, with over 65,000 Junior Entrepreneurs actively contributing to the initiative. Learn about the global cooperation agreement signed in 2006, leading to the establishment of the Junior Enterprise World Conference (JEWC). Join the movement and support the culture of entrepreneurship and leadership among university students!

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